salt therapy



Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, is a natural way to cleanse and detoxify your skin and lungs.



The effects of Halotherapy are simple yet powerful: 1) You feel better because you can breathe better and 2) You are likely to have shorter and less frequent outbreaks from dermatitis conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

The dry salt therapy we administer at our spa mimics Speleotherapy (treatment in salt caves). Speleotherapy developed when scientists in the 1950s began documenting the positive effects people experienced when they spent time in salt mines breathing salt-saturated air. Our salt rooms recreate the unique microclimate found in salt caves.

The salt acts as a natural cleansing agent and an expectorant. The microscopic size of the salt enables the particles to travel deep into the lower respiratory system. Along the way, the salt absorbs mucous in the bronchi and bronchioles and helps you purge unwanted mucous, which means you may initially experience more coughing than usual. This is a good thing. Coughing is your body’s natural mechanism to clear the way so you can breathe. Clearing your airways alleviates strain on the alveolar sacs deep within your lungs that exchange carbon monoxide and oxygen. As a result, the oxygen level in your blood will increase.

Salt therapy can be used to prevent illness, relieve the symptoms and potentially slow the progression of chronic skin and lung disorders (e.g. cystic fibrosis), cleanse after an illness, alleviate allergies and enhance athletic performance. It works well as a treatment in conjunction with traditional medicine or as an alternative treatment under the guidance of your physician. Always consult with your physician(s) before discontinuing any medications or prescribed treatments.


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