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 AXIOS salt spa + juice bar was formed with the desire to create a wellness center focused on “healing from the inside out.”

AXIOS salt spa + juice bar owner CHANTELLE yandowGrowing up in Central Florida, Chantelle always knew she wanted to help peoplegiving back was a top priority for her. This passion is what led her to massage therapy school, so she could learn to affect change for people.

When she started massage therapy school, Chantelle was struggling with chronic pain and an unhealthy lifestyle. While at the school, she learned to take better care of herself; it was hard to take care of people and teach them about healthy living when she wasn’t willing to make the same changes herself.

After massage therapy school, Chantelle graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in religious studies. She believes massage therapy can be both a physical and a spiritual experience and she uses the information she gathered throughout her education to help her clients get the most of out their experiences.

At AXIOS, Chantelle most enjoys helping people reach their goals, especially athletes who have so many physical demands on their bodies. She also enjoys teaching people about the value of good nutrition; she knows that if you’re not putting good things into your body, the exertion of working out is often wasted effort.

Chantelle wants to help other girls and young women develop the skills they need to become independent entrepreneurs in their own right.

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